Targeted at Shopping Districts, Economic Development Offices, Malls, and Retail Tourist Destinations, the LiveLocal marketing platform is a locally-branded, mobile, and socially relevant marketing tool for your tenant businesses.

As the manager of your retail area, you can take marketing actions for your businesses:

  • Send push notifications to shoppers
  • Create digital punchcards and promotions, redeemable by shoppers
  • List events that users can add to their personal calendars

Your mobile app is a modern tool to catalyze direct mail efforts. Metrics we provide can be included in your operational reports and can help you make strategic decisions about future marketing efforts. This platform has proven to be effective at driving local commerce.

Start your service by emailing Phil, or learn more by checking out early-adopter communities and watching our customer testimonials.

We sat down with our customers and asked them about and what they like about working with us. This is what they said.
Carolyn explains in Downtown Evanston, IL. They've been using the platform since June 2011.

What if you could continue conversations with customers after they left? What if you could respond from your phone immediately as customer feedback came in? What if you could prevent bad reviews by turning a negative experience into a positive one? You need Salt, our SMS-based feedback and rewards system.

How it works:

  1. We assign you a phone number and provide marketing templates to promote to your customers
  2. Customers text anonymous messages to you from any mobile phone, and we route them to your email inbox
  3. You reply from your email, on your phone or computer, and the 2-way conversation begins

Salt functionality is built into your community app, OR you can sign up individually (the first 30 days are free).

Tracie's business has a fun and vibrant personality. See how Salt has helped her engage with her customers:

The Unicorn Cafe (Evanston, IL) has been using's Salt feedback service since January 2012. In this video, Tracie explains how it works for her business.

Wish you could tell the café how badly you want them to bring back strawberry croissants, or how unprofessional your server was without being 'that guy' on a public review site? Sick of carrying around paper coupons and punchcards?

Using the free livelocal in your community, you can:

  • Redeem unique digital loyalty punchcards and offers
  • Send anonymous feedback directly to business owners, and get replies back
  • Receive rewards for providing your feedback, positive or negative

Punchcards and offers are hand-picked by the community manager, so you'll find original offerings that don't strip profits from the businesses.


Our mission is to help independent businesses deploy actionable marketing content and reward their customers for feedback.

In 2011, we started with an app created from a coupon booklet in Evanston, IL. From there, we've expanded to a full fledged mobile marketing platform being used in communities across the midwest. We've spent many hours with small businesses and retail organizations, and we've added features targeting their key pain points.

Above all else, we value excellent customer service and a fun user experience. These values guide us as we develop our products and services.